Transportation chests and nestboxes

Our rabbits transportation chest is made of (100 %) 10 mm plywood, The external partition is nail clipped and fastened with water resistance wood glue. All locks, hinges and holders are tightened with go through rivets. The under part is fixed with wooden rails to hold the distance, keep it dry and for a better heaping in case of collective transportation. Distance keepers are also fixed infront , convinient  for ventilation by pile transportation of the chests. 1/3 of the front side is made of wire mesh and the partitions are removable for the purpose of space saving in case of storage at home. Due to the volume of these products, shipping will be charged even if the order is worth 100 € and more.

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Product no.: k553

K 553

33.00 *
Product no.: k554

With a stable ground floor, in built grip and foldable thus space saving by empty transportation





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Product no.: k553a

K 553a

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Product no.: k553b

K 553b

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Product no.: K557h

K 557h

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Product no.: k557i

K 557i

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Product no.: k557j

K 557j

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Product no.: k453a

For all kind of rabbit breeds, with adjustable compartment partitions. For a hand free tatooing of the rabbits.

K 453a

. Article without decoration

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Product no.: K557l

K 557l

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Product no.: K557m

K 557m

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Product no.: k557n

K 557n 

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Product no.: k557q

K 557q

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Product no.: k560a
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Product no.: k560a-10
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